LISTEN: Dany Neville Is A Powerhouse That Keeps On Giving And Finally Reveals His Superpower 


“Music is the therapy for us [DJs] to be able to communicate” – Dany Neville.

Studying in a strict, more academic-oriented school (Choueifat Sharjah), you can hardly imagine a man walking out of those halls and becoming the UAEs #1 DJ! Dany Neville, who has become a household name here in the UAE, was born and raised in the UAE to Lebanese parents who immigrated from Lebanon in the late 70s.

The much-humble DJ, who was a part of the first generation of entertainers in this region, spent his childhood in Sharjah and dropped out of his strict high-school to pursue his passion for music… and well he sure turned out to be one heck of a success story.

“It’s no longer taboo to be in the music industry. You know culturally, it wasn’t that acceptable when I was going up. Being an Arab, tatted up, earrings, it wasn’t that acceptable not from my family, not from society, nothing.”

On the Lovin Show, the dynamite DJ gets down and personal and speaks of the UAE music scene, his superpowers, his self-isolation experience, his free live concerts on insta and SOO much more.

“That is my superpower, that I know how to bend frequencies and create emotions from frequencies”

The powerhouse DJ has been going live on insta almost EVERY night since the lockdown to play non-stop pumping sets to entertain his fans, followers and general music lovers. To this DJ the only form of communication that he will ever know and surrender to is music.

But can you believe that this much-sought-after and dapper DJ is actually a BIG TIME introvert? We found it hard to believe as well, but as revealed by the man himself, Dany Neville is a huge introvert and is literally out of the venue once he’s done with his set:

“Once I’m done with my set, I’m out. I don’t spend a second in the venue.
If I’m not DJing, I get nervous, I get anxiety, I lose my mind”

So basically he goes big… then goes home. Thus, you can probably guess it, this self-isolating period was kinda an ideal situation for the DJ, as it was for many other introverts out there. No small talk, no social anxiety, just you, yourself and your space.


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“What really matters is that I was able to feed myself, to feed my family, put a roof over my head, my parent’s head, my family’s head by simply playing music nothing more. Playing records, interacting and communicating through my music.”

The Lebanese talent expressed how at the end of the day the only validation that matters is yours, and how important it is to be grateful to have the opportunities for doing what you love and making a livelihood out of your passions.

Many people do not get as lucky as to be living their dreams, so Neville gives up-and-coming artists and DJs a piece of advice and shares that you should always be thankful for what you’re achieving right now, be thankful for the fact that you’re alive, surviving and are doing what you love. Hence, be grateful and the rest will follow.


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WATCH the full interview right here!


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