You Can Soon Buy Yummy Jewish Kosher Food From UAE Supermarkets 


The Jewish community in the UAE will be thrilled to know that the country will soon make Kosher foods available across UAE supermarkets!!

Hoorraaahh! Following the normalization of ties between the UAE and Israel, the two countries have been proving their alliance in every given opportunity. Another step that the Emirates is taking is making Jewish-friendly foods available in the Arab F&B market.

In the report shared by Gulf News, an Israeli visitor, Eliav Amram, at Gulfood 2021 expressed that,

It is imperative for many food businesses in the UAE to go kosher if they want to serve and build good relationships with an entirely new audience of consumers. I have plans to export kosher dairy products to the UAE.

Made to meet Jewish dietary laws, Kosher foods represent a diet that is derived from the Jewish faith. In a similar sense to halal meat, kosher requires a specific slaughter of the animal and prohibits pork.

Amram concluded by saying,

Ideally, I would love to have a Kosher certified factory here, but because there’s only a small number of kosher-observing Jews in the UAE, it makes more sense to import these products for now.

At the 2021 edition of Gulfood, F&B brands can partake in workshops that will explain the brand on how to become a kosher certified F&B outlet.

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