5 Fascinating National Geographic Books To Keep Your Kiddos Busy During Their Spring Break


A little something-something to keep the wandering toddlers, curious preschoolers or quizzical tweens occupied and on their extended spring break.

No parent wants their kiddos to sit at home idly and lose out on their creativity, nor do they want them running around drawing on the walls and making a complete mess of your beautifully painted walls. SO this is when books come to the rescue in situations like this.

Give your little munchkins a dose of science and watch them transform into budding scientists with these engrossing handpicked National Geographic science books and encyclopedias for your kids, that reveal all sorts of fascinating phenomenons from around the world with vibrant illustrations and heaps of fun facts.

(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

5. What is science?! You and I might not know how to answer this but this National Geographic Science Encyclopedia sure does!

Answering the many questions that keep your curious little ones up at night is this book that covers errathingg! From atoms and chemistry to animals, space and the human body, your kids will be locked away in their room reading this one all night. Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 76.22.

4. Let your kids blast off to the wonderful unknown with the bestseller Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Full of fascinating illustrations and space pics and facts, you’ll be rasing mini astronauts in no time! Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 51.97.

3. Young readers and explore can discover all the beautiful things around the world from languages, landscapes, weather and animals to capitals and cities with this Little Kids First Big Book of the World

This book will quickly become a favourite at bedtime read in no time at all! Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 61.38.

2. Tired of answering the why’s and the how’s?! Leave it to the Little Kids First Big Book of Why to help answer all their neverending WHYs

Pre-schoolers and their question, oh gosh! And their curiosity only has one cure and that’s this book of firsts, highly photographic and playful, this big book is an adventure in exploration! Buy the hardcover from Amazon for AED 60.90.

1. Kids can explore the world of different kinds of science with the Little Kids First Big Book of Science

Buy the hardcover from Amazon for ONLY AED 45.

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