Stop Wasting Time In The Kitchen With These 5 Genius Low-Cost Gizmos


The internet is like a gold mine when it comes to finding new and exciting gadgets and gizmos and what’s more exciting than finding electronic gadgets is finding KITCHEN gadgets! Raise your hands if you agree…

Obv kitchen gadgets are more exciting, with the various erraday uses that come off it, plus the amount of time you end up saving with some of these life-saving appliances is crazy. So if you’re looking for some fun yet legit tools to stop you from spending too much time cooking up a meal then you have come to the right place dearies.

You are sure to spot at least one low-cost kitchen gizmo that’s too good to pass up on as you browse through this article.

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5. Your baked potato is literally minutes away! Throw your oven mitts away and welcome the washable Potato Microwave Cooking Bag that will have your potatoes potating faster than you can say ‘tater tots’

Buy your quick potato fix from Amazon for AED 27.99…. didn’t know how much you needed this until just now huh?

4. Brekkie for the famjam made in MINUTES with this Multi-functional Home Electric Egg Boiler Cooker And Steamer

One happy customer reviewed the product saying:

“Perfect quality.” 

Buy it from Amazon for  AED 28.30.

3. This bad boy should be renamed to The Ultimate Breakfast Maker 3000 from ‘Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

One machine + a thousand ingredients + 3 mins – hard work = The PERFECT breakfast sandwich made in one go! Can you already picture your fam worshipping you for this find? Well, we sure can and yo’welcome in advance friends.

Buy this from Amazon for AED 195.

2. With veggie pasta being all the rage now, you could not have missed seeing the Vegetable Spiralizer and Slicer in a handful of IG stories shared by big-time influencers

Cut up your veggies, fruits, zucchinis, cucumbers etc. and get ’em spiralled into noodles for your next house party and watch your guests completely flip out over your new kitchen appliance.

What’s the difference in between the Vegetable Spiralizer and your kids? Well, at least the Vegetable Spiralizer does what it says!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 34.20.

1. Cry no more with the Kitchen Onion Goggles, when you’re off cutting ’em onions

Protec yourself from the teary onion stinks with these goggles because we both know how extra you are!

Buy it From Amazin for ONLYYYY AED 2.99.

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