UAE Royal Family Offers Job To Homeless Man After His Struggles Go Viral


This the amazing story of an American/Emirati woman who saw a homeless man, spoke to him, shared his story, and the rest is history.

Dedra L. Stevenson, an American-Emirati author noticed him a man in Sharjah. She spoke to him, heard the unfortunate turn of events that lead to him sleeping rough, and shared his struggle on Facebook.

Ezzat Anwar was homeless. He arrived in the UAE, thinking he had a job waiting for him in hospitality, however, he soon realised the ‘work’ was, in fact, a recruitment company scam, and there was no job.

Faced with the prospect of letting his family down, he decided to stay in the UAE. Sleeping in parks and mosques for over two months (according to Dedra via Khaleej Times) before he met Dedra.

Ezzat calls Dedra a ‘kind saviour’

His story was picked up by the Khaleej Times where Ezzat confirmed he used to be a butcher. He said he lost hope when the work he moved to the UAE for never materialised, “I cannot fail my kids and wife. I have come here to work, not to have fun. I cannot just return home penniless.”

He declined Dedra’s offer of money and was subsequently surprised to hear a royal family member in Umm Al Quwain heard his story and wanted to help.

Ezzat has now secured a job as a foreman at a home belonging to a UAQ royal family member, where he will serve guests of the Crown Prince.

From homeless to a full-time position with a roof over his head- what a story

Dedra was overwhelmed by the support the post received

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