Sara Al Madani’s Inspiring Clapback To A Comment About Getting A Car Upgrade Is All You Need To See Today


“Upgrade your car- get a new one.”

What would you reply to someone who hits you with a message like that, after seeing photos of the new car you have just purchased?

Emirati entrepreneur, Her Excellency Dr. Sara Al Madani, wasn’t going to take these comments lightly and decided to give her two cents on the matter. In a new TikTok video, she shared quite an inspiring ‘clap back’, if you will, about how her version of upgrading is through her soul, her inner peace and heart- and not through materialistic objects.

Sara has been working since she was 15 years old- when she first realised she had a knack for business

“Upgrade myself with a car? No, I upgrade my mind and heart.”

Watch the entire video below:

Dr. Sara is a successful abaya designer, investor, a serial entrepreneur and public speaker

…among many other things!

If you need an extra dose of motivation, catch Lovin Dubai’s interview with Her Excellency for the DUBAI WORKS Business Podcast:

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