Sharjah Actually Has Vending Machines For Books

Farah Makhlouf

Sharjah isn’t the capital city of the UAE but it’s the capital city of reading. It’s the literary Oasis of the Middle East if you will. In this beautiful Emirate, books are celebrated and treasured in stunning libraries. Every year the Sharjah International Book Fair is hosted and hundreds of people come and purchase books.

So yeah, from the majestic public libraries to the cosy bookshops tucked away in the historic Al Qasba district, this Emirate is known for its love of the written word.

Instead of snacks, Sharjah has vending machines for books – no really!

The Sharjah Book Fair is where you can find these vending machines but other places too

Name another city where you’ll find vending machines for books. The books are in Arabic and appear to be for children. They’re created by Kalimat, An Emirati publishing group of award-winning Arabic books.

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