The Sharjah Aquarium Is Now Home To 4 Endangered Turtles

Farah Makhlouf
turtles sharjah

A Sharjah resident who was working in Jebel Ali came across 4 sea turtles last May. They were rescued and brought on over to the Sharjah Aquarium which is now their new home!

The endangered turtles, locally known as “Sherry” typically live in tropical and subtropical waters such as the Arabian Gulf.

They have been kept in a nursery in the Sharjah Aquarium and they are now fully healthy and swimming alongside other turtles

They will be kept in the display tanks until they’re all grown up and ready to be released into their natural environment

Their condition, movement and swimming were being monitored while in the nursey. Now they’re in the display tanks with other turtles until they’re ready to be released. The Sharjah Marine Aquarium has launched many initiatives to increase social awareness and involvement in preserving marine life.

A similar programme was launched in 2011 that focused on the rehabilitation of sick or injured turtles before their release into their natural habitat.

You can go visit the aquarium and see the turtles in action all week from Saturday – Thursday from 8am – 8pm and from 4pm – 8pm on Fridays.


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