Exciting! Sharjah’s Driverless Cargo Pods Will Soon Be Ready


Incredible things are happening, day in and out, in the UAE.

In Sharjah, a 2.5km-long suspended track is making its way to completion, in approximately 6 months from now. The revolutionary track will be used to test a driverless cargo pod by the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park), reports Gulf News.

The driverless pods will be used for passengers and cargo

So yes, in essence, this will be a suspended transportation system. Cool huh?

Image Credits: WAM

Although it’s still in its testing phase, the project is set to complete in 6 months

Sharjah’s Ruler was even shown the driverless passenger skypod, which ran on a 400-meter hanging rail. The pods have come into place to ensure that Sharjah is on the track to being a more sustainable and futuristic city.

These skypods can run up to 150 km/hr while carrying between 2-14 passengers per pod, whereas the cargo transportation can carry up to 25 tons at a speed od 36/km per hour.

How ’bout it?


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