Sharjah Removed 65 Arabian Sandfish Lizards To Preserve And Protect Them

Farah Makhlouf

The Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) in Sharjah is doing amazing work in protecting wildlife and their environment.

This time, EPAA confiscated 65 sandfish lizards (Scincus Mitranus) from Al Bataeh area near Khorfakkan Road to protect them

Sandfish lizards are unique and are native to the Sahara Desert and the Arabian Peninsula but are also kept as a pet. They have the ability to dive into the sand and move with little effort. They also look vastly different from regular lizards in that they have chisel-shaped heads and elongated snouts.

EPAA confirms its role and efforts in protecting the wild environment and preserving its wealth from improper practices, aiming to provide optimal conditions for the breeding season

Clause 6 of the Executive Council of Sharjah’s Resolution No. 39 of 2016 stipulates the prohibition of reckless hunting, killing or harming wild creatures and destroying geological formations or areas that are habitats for animal, plant, or bird species or their proliferation in wild areas.

The confiscation of those lizards was to stop hunters!


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