Sharjah Schools Achieve Ratings Drom ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Acceptable’ Without Any ‘Weak’ Ratings


Sharjah’s educational institutions have demonstrated remarkable achievements in their recent evaluations, receiving ratings ranging from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Acceptable’ without any ‘Weak’ ratings reported.

The assessment encompassed a wide range of schools across Sharjah, emphasizing the emirate’s commitment to maintaining educational excellence. Notably, one school earned an ‘Outstanding’ rating, recognized for its exceptional performance across academic and developmental benchmarks, highlighting its dedication to providing a top-tier educational experience.

In addition, nine schools achieved a ‘Very Good’ rating, reflecting their consistent delivery of high-quality education and their role as leaders in educational innovation and effective teaching methods.

The majority of schools, totaling 69, secured a ‘Good’ rating, demonstrating commendable performance in key educational criteria such as curriculum delivery and student support, which positively impacts student growth and development.

Furthermore, 38 schools received an ‘Acceptable’ rating, indicating satisfactory adherence to educational standards and a commitment to ongoing improvement efforts. These schools contribute significantly to laying the groundwork for students’ educational journeys across Sharjah.

The absence of ‘Weak’ ratings underscores the strength and dedication of Sharjah’s educational community in ensuring high-quality education for all students. This accomplishment is a result of collaborative efforts among educators, administrators, and stakeholders to enhance educational practices and outcomes throughout the emirate.

Looking forward, Sharjah’s education sector is encouraged to build upon these achievements by fostering collaboration, advancing professional development opportunities, and embracing student-centered approaches. These efforts aim to further elevate Sharjah’s reputation as a leader in regional education.

The positive outcomes of this evaluation reaffirm Sharjah’s commitment to nurturing a supportive and enriching educational environment that prepares students to succeed in a competitive global landscape. As Sharjah continues to innovate and evolve its educational offerings, it remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate the talents and potential of every student across the emirate.

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