Socially Distanced Friday Prayers Took Place All Across The UAE Yesterday


After nearly eight months, socially distanced Friday prayers were held in mosques across the UAE on Friday afternoon and the visuals are a sight to see. These major prayers were not being held in mosques due to the pandemic and visitors were not allowed to gather on Fridays for prayers ever since March.

Beautiful scenes as the prayers have resumed on the regular

The good news is that the prayers have resumed and will take place on the regular but with some important guidelines in place.

The guidelines were followed to the T!

The authorities had also strictly asked worshippers to wear a mask and maintain a1.5 metre distance between each other (something that can be seen being followed so amazingly throughout). Mosques were also asked to allow people only as per of their 30% capacities and not more than that.

In parts of Sharjah, the police were also seen monitoring the crowd to ensure all rules are being strictly followed and helping out with any issues.

What a beautiful sight!


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