The 7 Baking Products You’ll Need To Make Something Sweet


If you’re in the mood for something sweet and don’t know where to start, it starts right here! We’ve got some essentials to bake something extraordinarily sweet and delicious.

From muffins to cheesecake, here are the 7 bakeware items you’ll need to make some fine desserts


7. The Copper Chef 12-Cup Muffin Pan not only looks beautiful but will help you make some delish desserts

12 muffins sound so good right now! Get yours here and get to baking.

6. If tarts are your dessert of choice, you need this Kaiser 6-Piece Tarlettes Set

Yummy and only for AED42.00 for the 6-piece set.

5. The baker of the family needs this VARDAGEN Measuring Cup Set Of 5

Get the perfect measurements every time for just AED29

4.  With the Wilton Candy Parchment Sheets, no cake will stick to the pan

Nothing is more annoying than baking the perfect cake and not being able to remove it from the pan in one piece. This AED20 parchment sheet will ensure it never happens again.

3. Mix all your ingredient in this Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl for the perfect batter

This mixing bowl is currently on sale for just AED16. Add it to your cart now!

2. The HEMMABAK Springform Pan is just what you need to make the sweetest cheesecake

Cheesecakes need a specific type of pan and THIS is it!

1. Take your cake up a notch and use this SMAKSAM Cake Decoration Set

You might not be on the set of Cake Boss but this Cake Decoration Set will make you look like a professional!

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