Things To Do In Sharjah Indoors To Avoid The Heat This Summer!


Sharjah, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant attractions, can get hot, especially during summer. However, plenty of indoor activities and air-conditioned attractions offer a getaway from the heat while still providing an enjoyable experience. Here are ten activities you can do to beat the heat in Sharjah.

10. Explore the Sharjah Aquarium

The Sharjah Aquarium is a fantastic place to escape the heat and dive into the underwater world. With over 150 species of marine life from the Arabian Gulf, visitors can enjoy a cool and educational experience.

9. Visit the Arabian Wildlife Center

The Arabian Wildlife Center is an excellent indoor facility showcasing the diverse wildlife of the Arabian Peninsula. It’s a perfect spot for animal lovers to learn about regional fauna in a climate-controlled environment.

8. Discover the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

This museum is a treasure trove of Islamic art, culture, and history. It features extensive exhibits spread over three floors, including a magnificent dome. It’s a great way to spend a few hours immersed in the rich heritage of the Islamic world.

7. Marvel at the Sharjah Classic Car Museum

Car enthusiasts will love the Sharjah Classic Car Museum, which showcases a wide array of vintage cars. The museum provides a fascinating look at the evolution of automobiles, with models from various eras on display.

6. Experience the Rain Room

The Rain Room offers a unique and refreshing experience where visitors can walk through simulated rain without getting wet. It’s an innovative installation that combines art and technology, providing a cool and memorable escape from the summer heat.

5. Enjoy the Sharjah Science Museum

The Sharjah Science Museum is perfect for families and science enthusiasts. It features a variety of interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and educational demonstrations. The museum is designed to be both fun and informative, making it a great indoor activity.

4. Explore the Al Mahatta Museum

The Al Mahatta Museum is located in Sharjah’s first airport and offers an interesting look at the history of aviation in the region. It’s a compact museum that can be explored in a couple of hours, making it an ideal indoor activity.

3. Visit the Maritime Museum

Located in the Al Khan area, the Maritime Museum is dedicated to the rich maritime history of the region. With exhibits showcasing traditional dhow boats and other maritime artifacts, it’s a fascinating place to learn about Sharjah’s seafaring past. The ticket also includes access to the Sharjah Aquarium.

2. Browse the Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum offers a serene environment to enjoy a variety of artworks from regional and international artists. Spread over two floors, the museum features both contemporary and traditional art pieces.

1. Shop at Souq al Jubail

For a taste of local culture, visit Souq al Jubail. This modern market offers a variety of fresh produce, seafood, and local goods. It’s a well-organized space where you can experience the vibrant market culture of Sharjah in an air-conditioned environment.

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