20 UAE Homes Have Been Evacuated After A Tropical Cyclone Hits The East Coast


20 families have been moved to sheltered accommodation after a cyclone hit Eastern coastal districts.

Tropical Cyclone Kyarr reached shores on Monday evening and videos of floods and high waves in Khor Fakkan are going viral after.

The UAE’s national weather channel issued an alert, stating the East coast of the country could feel the effect of water surge until Thursday.

Roads were forced to close due to the high levels of water and authorities have cut electricity and erected barriers to prevent more damage.

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Authorities in both Sharjah and Fujairah are working quickly to remove debris from roads


This is one of the strongest cyclones to reach the Arabian Sea and the coast of Oman is also affected


The UAE’s national weather channel issued an alert on the cyclone

While tourists in the affected areas have been sharing wild videos of the sea movements


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