The UAE Is ‘Officially’ Getting Hotter Starting June 21

Farah Makhlouf

The UAE is set to experience temperatures up to 42.7°C in the month of June, as announced by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM).

You know what that means- hot hot hot!


Temperature to increase on June 21

The longest day of the year- June 21, AKA the Summer Solistice usually experiences the highest degrees on the thermometer. This is because the sun’s rays tend to shine directly above the tropic of cancer.

Weather forecast for June 21 via

But it won’t get worse!

The good news is that the temperature will not increase further than 42.7 degrees. The NCM report has predicted temperatures to remain between the ranges of 39.7 and 42.7 °C for this month.

So stay safe, and try to stay indoors if possible!


Let the melting games begin!



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