UAE Nurseries Are In A CRITICAL Situation And Are Pleading For Help

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UAE went under lock down for three months, this included the closure of schools, universities and nurseries.

In July the KHDA Recently announced guidelines and steps for reopening schools, however nurseries were still waiting on information.

In July, a Zoom meeting took place between some of the country’s largest nurseries and they confirmed that they were requesting guidelines to open and  that sadly more than 10% of nurseries have already shut down

Yesterday August 24, Building Blocks, a nursery in the UAE tweeted an appeal from behalf of all the owners of nurseries in the UAE and tagged many official UAE government accounts including @HHShkMohd the ruler of Dubai.

The appeal stressed on how unbelievably critical the situation of the nursery sector has been after the closure was announced since early March

They also stated that not without exaggeration the nursery sector in the UAE is about to collapse fully without guidance or support immediately.

The nurseries being the first to close down from March 1 have yet received no clarity on the next steps.

“Nurseries are mainly owned and operated by private and small entrepreneurs. This will not only result in a significant number of redundancies and bankruptcies, but also a limited number of nursery options for parents as the UAE economy looks to restart”, It said

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