Unstable Weather Warning: Waves Of Up To 9Ft And Temperature Drop


Unstable Weather: Authorities Warn Of 9 Ft Waves And Temperature Drop

The UAE’s national weather authority, The National Centre of Meteorology warns of strong to brisk winds with a speed of 60 km / h, they added that the sea is very turbulent with turbulent wave heights of between 7 – 9 ft expected on Friday.

One warning to community residents read: “With the onset of winter in the region, a significant drop in temperature accompanied by strong winds carrying dust and sand in the air, and light rains are expected. Chilly weather with partly cloudy skies may extend into the weekend ahead, especially cold during early mornings and late nights, dipping below 20°C. 


Residents woke up to high winds across the city

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And Abu Dhabi Police shared emergency updates

Emaar shared some key points to remember during cloudy weather

• When driving in the community, please observe speed limits. Dusty winds could
reduce visibility.
• Please ensure your cars are parked inside your carport (applicable to villas).
• Remove moveable items from your balcony, patio, pool or other outdoor areas to
avoid damage to your and other’s property.
• In case of large outdoor/garden furniture, kindly secure it to the ground as a safety
• Do not leave homes without switching off electrical appliances such as room/water
heaters, irons or hair dryers.
• Do not use electronic devices that may have been water-damaged without
professional advice.
• Keep your external doors and windows closed to prevent dust/sand from entering.
Clean your drain lines and gutters in balconies and rooftops (where applicable).
• Ensure windows and doors joinery sealant are in good order and repair where
needed, through professional service providers.
• Those with allergies are advised to exercise caution, as dust and sand may rise in
the air and contribute to poor air quality.
• Keep emergency numbers handy.
• Homeowners and tenants are requested to share these tips with all members of the
family and household staff.


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