Who Can Get A 5-Year Green Visa In The UAE

Who Can Get A 5-Year Green Visa In The UAE

Who Can Get A 5-Year Green Visa In The UAE

Landmark new visas were announced this week, but what does it all meaaaan?!

The UAE Government Media Office shared new rulings this week, covering a whole host of visa types. The colour-coded categories of visas fall under visit/entry visa (blue), residence permits (green), and golden visas (gold!), and most notably include longer tourist visa options and more benefits for Golden Visa holders.

This post takes a look at the latest details on the Green Visa options and while Standard employment residence remains at two years, skilled employees and freelancers can now get 5-year visas. Scroll for deets:

The changes are expected to come into effect in September, and the prices for the new visas have not been announced.


The 5-year green visa for skilled workers and freelancers

Freelances and the self-employed can obtain five-year residence visas, with no sponsor required.

*Applicants need an AED15,000 salary, along with a degree in specific skilled fields.

The 5-year green visa for investors

The 2-year green visa for students

Alternative green visa opportunities that do not require sponsorship

The family member visa updates

Humanitarian cases

In humanitarian cases, the following people are permitted residency permits

For more information – visit the Government portal here

For more info – see UAE Gov’s Twitter feed here

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