Sharjah Is Investing Millions In Saving The Lives Of Jay-Walkers In Busy Areas


More thanAED1.5 million has been spent in Sharjah on road fencing to reduce the amount of accidents where individuals are being run-over. 

In the last year, 50 people died in a series of car-related incidents resulting in Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authorities to implement this new project.

Fences have been built around areas that are known for being filled with pedestrians such as Al Zahraa Street, Al Khan Street and Al Shahba. 

They were constructed over the summer

The construction of the road fences took place throughout the summer as well as the maintenance of many other roads which costed AED6.22 million. 


Crossing the street from undesignated points can result pedestrians in a hefty fine as well as costing them their life.

Sharjah Police recorded over 11,000 fines for jaywalking.

Committing this crime not only just resulted the death of 50 people, but 22 more have been injured, and 163 have experienced minor injuries. 


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