A UAE Woman Has Been Jailed And Will Be Deported For Trying To Sell Her Teenage Daughter’s Virginity


An Arab woman was sentenced to one year in jail by Sharjah court after she was found guilty of trying to sell her minor daughter’s virginity.

The woman reportedly tried to sell her 13-year-old daughter’s virginity for AED50,000 and a gold necklace.

The mother was caught by the Sharjah Police in a sting operation back in October and has been on trial for a couple of months. She will be deported after serving her jail term.

Undercover police offers, one of whom posed as a client, caught the mother red-handed

The police official said he received the tip of a possible human trafficking case when the mother advertised her daughter’s virginity among friends and relatives.

Posing as a potential buyer, he then went to the hotel with the team to give the money to the mother and rescue the victim.

The victim told the court that her mother had forced her to go to a hotel and meet a man for sexual favours in exchange for money.

The Sharjah Criminal Court has also sentenced three other female brokers to jail term followed by deportation for aiding the mother in the crime.

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