An Emirati Hero Saved The Lives of A Drowning Filipino Couple After Their Jet Ski Overturned


An Emirati man saved the lives of a couple from drowning at Al Loulouah beach in Khor Fakkan, on Saturday afternoon.

He heard cries for help and saw a jet-ski turned upside down in the water and two people calling for help.

He looked around and didn’t find see anyone to help so he called 999 and provided them with the exact location

The Filipino couple was 20 metres out from the shore and shouting for help so he decided to not wait for the rescue team and jumped into the water.

The man was trying to save his wife, who didn’t know how to swim and was panicking even though they were wearing life jackets.

The rescue team was at the beach by the time he pulled them out of the water and immediately provided medical care to the couple

The father of four said that his children were excited to hear his story and consider him a hero.

The Sharjah Police have honoured him for his role in saving the couple.


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