A Man In Sharjah Has Been Arrested For Duping Residents With A Bogus ‘Cheap Rents’ Offer


As if we need more proof that online advertisements almost always turn out to be some kind a sham, an Asian man was arrested by Sharjah Police for duping residents with offers of apartments with cheap rents. The suspect advertised his scam on classified ad websites. 

As soon as the residents responded to the number he put up with the ad, he took the buyers to newly constructed studio apartments and asked for the advance payment to ‘book’ their flats. 

He urged the buyers to immediately book the flat “due to their increasing popularity”

He then told the residents he would use the cash to connect the flat to the utilities. But after collecting the money, he would switch off his phone.

After receiving multiple complaints from the residents at multiple stations, the police launched their investigation

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The investigation revealed that the suspect forged receipts and leasing contracts and issued them to the unsuspected residents. The police are now urging public to be very careful of such online advertisements. 


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