A Man Has Been Killed In An Oil Inferno At A Sharjah Port On The Weekend


A man has been killed in a tragic accident at Hamriyah Port in Sharjah on the weekend. 

The blaze was due to a Panamanian oil tanker

Luckily, Sharjah Civil Defence were able to quickly contain the blaze, which was extinguished within 40 minutes, according to Sharjah Media. 

An additional 15 people have been treated for injuries, and Sharjah Police are investigating the incident.

According to Sharjah Media: 

“Rescue crews were able to cope with the extension of the fire in Hamriyah Port area to ensure the safety of the area where oil tanks, tanks and factories are located. Full control of the fire was achieved at a record speed after an immediate response that did not exceed three minutes to extinguish the fire and secure the entire Hamriyah port area within 40 minutes.”

Sharjah Media


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