This Guy Endured An Excruciating Journey To Cross The 7 Emirates


At 8.30pm last night Jalal Bin Thaneya completed his journey of crossing the seven Emirates on foot from point to point.. He embarked on this remarkable journey to raise money for people with special needs. Jalal set out to complete the feat in seven days but a number of complications along the journey made that impossible.

At 30 years old this is just one of several long treks he’s done in recent years. In 2013, he cycled across the six Gulf states.

He’s also walked 2,000 kilometres between Abu Dhabi and Makkah and climbed the stairs of 100 Dubai skyscrapers. This trip came ten years after he first walked across all seven emirates. But he wasn’t attempting a world record back then.

Under the rules set by Guinness World Records, Bin Thaneya choose his own route through the seven emirates. He started at the Al Ghuwaifat border post, on Abu Dhabi emirate’s western fringe, and trek along desert and then mountain roads to end at Fujairah’s coastline.

Day 1: It wasn’t always easy going.

On Day 2 his supporting vehicle was totalled.

Jalal’s journey wasn’t easy.

His support truck was totalled on Day 2 yet he continued with limited supplies. Some night he slept rough, didn’t have access to running water and survived on less than 1000 calories a day. 

Our roads don’t make it easy.

No running water

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Day 5: after walking on this dark road through last night and today morning “barefoot”, I put my shoes on and started to run through the temporary dirt road which has been made so construction vehicles can pass through. I am running with under 1000 calories per day. I am sleeping rough on the side of the road and have no access to running water. Instead of giving up when my supply vehicle was destroyed on the first day.I am continuing my journey towards Fujeirah despite having no real food to eat to fuel the run. There are no services on this 380KM highway for a runner,no motels,no restaurants,no hospitals. Walking or running for 10KM is equivalent to 50KM on this endless monotonous highway where the car is King.This is the first ever crossing of the United Arab Emirates on foot from boarder to the coast,point to point. More updates soon and please follow @gulfnews for exclusive updates on my journey for special needs. #CrossingTheSevenEmirates #UAE ????????

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“a kilometer feels like 10 in the sweltering heat”

Tough weather en route to Dubai

Made it to Dubai!

Day 14

The finish line.


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