UAE Police Have Increased Their Efforts To Find Missing Indian Student After He Was Swept Away By Floods In Sharjah


Albert Joy, an Indian student, who was living and studying in Ras Al Khaimah was last seen on Thursday after he and five friends got into difficulty in floodwaters.

The incident, which saw the five others being rescued, occurred in Khor Fakkan during a flash flood after some heavy rain in the area.

The 18 year old was swept away by the powerful floods

The young men were driving a 4×4 when it became caught in a flood in a valley in Sharjah’s Wadi Sheis on Thursday.

An Emirati man in the area, alerted by the screams of the men, was able to attend to the scene, and with the help of others, was able to rescue five of the young men from the trapped vehicle.

However, Albert Joy reportedly refused to leave the vehicle as he was scared of the surrounding floodwater and did not want to leave the car as it belonged to his father.

He was subsequently swept away in the floodwater and as of now, rescuers have been unable to locate him.

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UAE police from three Emirates have joined together in the search for the young man

Police from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are continuing the search for Albert, dispatching rescue teams and helicopters in their efforts to locate him.

Police have also enlisted the help of sniffer dogs in their search in the hopes of finding Albert.

Unfortunately they have not had any success in locating him but rescue teams are continuing and widening the search.

Police have reminded the public to stay away from dangerous areas in times of heavy rain

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