The INCREDIBLE Fast-Action By An Air Arabia Flight Crew Saved A Young Child’s Life


What a rollercoaster.

A UAE family has sincerely thanked Air Arabia for its timely and fast action that quite possibly saved a baby’s life.

An Air Arabia flight from Nagpur, India to Sharjah made the decision to make an emergency landing in Muscat after six-month old Adam Bombaywalla became unwell mid-flight.

What started as a coughing fit turned into every mother’s worst nightmare, as three doctors attempted to save the boy after he grew increasingly ill.

Adam fell seriously ill mid-flight

The child’s mother Sarah Bombaywalla (24) was travelling with her son Adam, who had been unwell during a family vacation in India, but following the clearance from a paediatrician, the family set-off for Sharjah.

Adam had a coughing fit for an hour onboard the flight. Fortunately, there were three doctors onboard who tried to remedy the situation, although Adam’s condition worsened. A doctor described the terrifying situation to Gulf News.

“There was another anaesthetologist and doctor on board and together we tried to clear his airways by dislodging any foreign body manually. Then we started oxygen and also gave him nebulisation with two kinds of bronchodilators.

These steps stabilised the child a bit, but eventually, I felt the child would not be able to survive the next leg of journey if he continued to cough, so I requested the pilot to divert the flight.”

Dr Abhay Kumar Pandey, via Gulf News

The crew made the decision to make an emergency landing

Adam was rushed to Al Nahda Hospital in Ruwi, Muscat where he was kept in care for a week. The family then flew on safely to Sharjah.

The mother Sarah has expressed gratitude to Air Arabia for their compassionate handling of the situation and praised the hospital for its care.

This is a family’s worst nightmare but thankfully, the Bombaywallas had a happy ending, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Adam Gulf News

*Image credit: Gulf News

“Our crew understood the emergency of the situation and were able to rally the full support” – Air Arabia

All’s well that ends well!


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