Authorities Have Fined Vendors Of Sharjah Pet Market After A Shocking Video Of A Dying Cat Was Circulated


Authorities have fined several vendors at Sharjah Pet Market after a video of a cat suffering in the heat went viral. 

The man who filmed the video, which shows a cat panting in an unventilated glass cage, reported the incident to the authorities who went to the scene and proceeded to fine violators that were neglecting animals. 

The man shared the video to Bin Kitty Collective – a Facebook group that aims to help cats in need. 

He also reported the incident to the municipality 

Which sprung to action, with the Municipality issuing an AE3,000 fine to the relevant vendor, and inspecting other stalls. 

The Sharjah Pet Market has long attracted criticism for its treatment of animals, and animal welfare groups have called for its closure. 

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