A Man Left AED5,000 At An ATM And Six Months Later Police Nabbed The Thief Who Pocketed It


An Egyptian man who inadvertently left AED5,000 at an ATM in Sharjah had it returned six months later by Sharjah Police.

Khalid Al Saeed Abdaljeed attempted to withdraw AED 5,000 but there was a mix-up during the transaction. He pressed the cancel button to quit the process and walked away. However, minutes later he received a message from his bank confirming the withdrawal. When he returned to the bank the money was gone, Abdaljeed told Gulf News.

He returned to the ATM the following day, but that branch could do little to help him. He was directed to his own bank which eventually referred him to the Central Bank where, after 90 days, the man was told the issue could not be resolved without a police permit.

A CCTV inspection showed an Asian man standing behind Abdaljeed at the ATM

The footage showed him quickly pocketing the money after Abdaljeed left.

Abdaljeed praised the efforts of Sharjah Police who located the Asian man and retrieved the AED5,000.


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