HH Sheikh Mohammed Embraces Students And Announces AED1.5 BILLION School Cash Injection


No stone goes unturned when it comes to ensuring every aspect of Dubai life is state of the art, and a new directive by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum proves Emirati schools are about to get a shake-up.

Dubai’s ruler has just announced an AED1.5billion future generation plan for schools.

The plan promises to build the ‘next generation’ of schools, it will transform the Higher Colleges of Technology into economic zones and the approved plan funds AED100 million to nurture student projects and support the career development of 65,000 students in the hospitality, retail, oil & gas and logistics sectors.

The announcement comes one day after HH visited educational institutions in Fujairah and Kalbaa in Sharjah.

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Where he toured schools, inspected classrooms and met with students

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“When people have doubts due to economic volatility, we accelerate development, when they are afraid of the future, we further raise our commitment to build it”

The aim supports students which in turn will accelerate a sustainable economic growth.

The impressive project promises robotics labs, artificial intelligence facilities, healthcare and environmental labs along with sports facilities, enabling students to keep up to date with technological developments.


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