Two Saudi Women Have Become The First Certified Firefighters And Are READY To Help The Community


Two Saudi women were recently certified to become the first female firefights in Saudi after completing and passing the rigorous National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) professional Qualifications Standards.

Saudi Gazette reports that the training had been conducted under Aramco’s Fire Protection Department.

Abeer and Jazyah are the first certified female firefighters in the Kingdom

This is a HUGE moment for all Saudi woman everywhere, especially those who have been dreaming to work in a field where they get to help people- at face value.

Abeer Aljabr is an Industrial Engineering graduate of the University of Sharjah while Jazyah Aldossary graduated with a chemical engineering degree from the University of MIssouri in the States.

It took a lot of courage and physical demands to attain the firefighter certificate

As you can imagine, obtaining the firefighting certificate not only required a sense of morals that includes selflessness but the need to meet difficult physical demands on the daily.

SG spoke with one of the female firefighters, Aldossary, who said that although the process has been difficult, it also felt rewarding.


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