ERMAGERD: The Date The Weather Is Going To Cool Down Has Been Announced And It’s Sooner Than You Think


Fear not, sweaty residents of Dubai, the date that the weather is set to cool down is mere weeks away.

According to astronomers in Gulf News, the weather in the UAE is going to start its decline on August 24 – just over two weeks away.

While the temps are set to hit 42C in UAE’s coastal areas this week, the decline will happen around Eid Al Adha, making for a bit of relief.

The general supervisor of the Sharjah Planetarium, Ebrahim Al Jarwan, told Gulf News that the Suhail star (also known as Lambda Velorum) will appear in the Vela constellation on August 24, which indicates the end of summer.

Al Jarwan also said the high temperatures, dust and fluctuations happening at the moment are linked with the star, Mirzam, which ‘peaks from July 29 until August 11’.

The Suhail star has been used since ancient times

Ancient Egyptians used the star to gauge the ‘beginning of the end’ of summer.


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