5 Backyard Items You Need For That Cute Christmas Meal You’ve Planned


This is it. This is the time of the year you channel your inner Monica and bring out the best items for the big meal you’ve planned. And if you plan on boujee-ing up your backyard for this meal, you have to shop for a few important items.

We’ve rounded up the best ones so your friends and fam give you the ‘best din-din ever’ title

5. What’s a meal without the right seating?

Get this chic Arisa 4-Seater Promotional Set Grey by Danube Home for the fam to gather around for AED 675 on Noon.

4. Can’t skip the BBQ grill for a great BBQ meal

Buy this amazing BBQ Grill Silver for AED 96 from Noon.

3. These 20 LED Rose String Lights are perfect to light up any yard

Get the cute lights for AED 14.90 from Noon.

2. This Artificial Snow Christmas Tree will look totally adorable at a corner

Get it home for AED 189.80 from Noon and start decorating asap!

1. Solar powered lights? Yes, please

Add these Solar Powered String Light to your cart for AED 52.50 from Noon.

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