HOW TO: 3 Simple Ways To Go About Getting Your Alcohol Licence In Dubai


If you’re living in Dubai and you want to keep alcohol in your home, or buy it from a licenced retailer, (there are 16 African + Eastern stores located in Dubai alone!) you need an alcohol licence. 

So luckily the application procedure is straightforward and really doesn’t take long.

Below we’ve listed the simple steps to go about getting your licence and then the most common questions people ask African + Eastern, the region’s largest alcohol retailer…

Remember to drink responsibly folks!

1. Apply online

African + Eastern has recently launched the regions first and only dedicated site where you can apply online from the comfort of your home. Don’t be lazy, do it!

There are five steps to follow, listed below. You’ll need to fill out your employment details and supply relevant documents which African + Eastern will confirm. Then your licence will be delivered to your door. Simple! 

Follow this link to create an account with African + Eastern. 

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2. Visit and store and let them guide you through the process

African + Eastern has sixteen stores in Dubai, head to your nearest to get the job done smoothly.

Here are the locations of the stores:

3. Get the forms delivered to your door

Fill in the form here and the application documents will be delivered to your door. 

Read on for some commonly asked questions. (To check the complete list, see here).

If I do not have a tenancy contract, can I still apply for an Alcohol Licence?

Yes. If the tenancy contract is not under your name when applying for an alcohol licence, then a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the person named on the tenancy is required along with a passport and visa copy. African + Eastern have a handy example of an NOC letter, download it here.

I have recently changed companies; do I need to renew my Alcohol Licence?

No. You will not need to renew your licence. But they will need to revalidate your  licence with Dubai Police. So African + Eastern will need a copy of your original licence, new visa and salary certificate OR Labour Contract Copy.

What are the main reasons applications may be rejected by the Dubai Police?

Religion, bounced cheques/cheque fraud and police/court cases are some of the main reasons the CID may reject your application. If you have been in a situation that involved the Dubai Police or Dubai Courts, a clearance letter is required to stipulate that the case is closed. You will then have to visit Dubai CID personally to get approval on your Alcohol Licence application.

 My wife is under my sponsorship and does not work. Is she eligible for an Alcohol Licence?

Yes, as your wife’s (or husband’s) sponsor, you will need to submit a copy of your salary certificate OR labour contract with her application.  

I live in Dubai, but a different emirate has issued my visa. Can I apply for an Alcohol Licence?

Yes. You will need a NOC letter from the respective Emirates’ Police Department or Municipality when submitting your application. For example, a NOC from Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority if your visa is from Abu Dhabi and a NOC from Fujairah Municipality for Fujairah visa holders.

I live in Sharjah but work in Dubai and my visa has been issued in Dubai. What now?

You can only apply for an Alcohol Licence if you live in Dubai. Since you live in Sharjah, your application for an Alcohol Licence has to be processed by the Sharjah Police. You will also need an NOC from the Dubai Police Department.

I am working for a Free Zone company; do I need an NOC from a Free Zone Authority?

No. Free Zone Authorities charge a fee for a NOC. Instead just submit an original salary certificate from your place of work.

**Alcohol in Dubai can only be purchased if you’ve got an alcohol licence. Consume alcohol in moderation and be respectful of your surroundings. 


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