What You Need To Know About Zahed Sultan’s Performance Hiwar


The world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals touches down in the UAE, bringing seven events and over 30 artists to Dubai for the city’s first ever Red Bull Music Academy Weekender.

It’ll be a dazzling four-day musical take over and on the opening night we will witness the Kuwaiti multimedia artist, social entrepreneur and filmmaker, Zahed Sultan perform.  

Here’s why you need to attend:

1. It’s a multi-platform experience

Watching Zahed Sultan at a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape, will be your chance to witness and experience his music first hand. 

He’s a multimedia artist who uses a variety of forms to communicate his message. 

2. Get an insight into the region’s past  

His is the opening night performance on the 12th of April. 

Intrigued by pearl diving music of the Arabian Gulf encouraged Zahed to embark on a journey to discover musical bridges between past traditions and present trends in local music creation through his project entiled ‘Hiwar’ (Arabic for dialogue).

3. Learn about the culture 

His performance will be a tonic for the city’s music-lovers, with Sultan appearing at the Music Hall to deliver an ongoing exploration of the traditional pearl diving music that infused the culture of the Gulf more than a century ago.

Zahed Sultan

4. Creative inspirations

Zahed worked on his project, through a two-week residency at The Heart of Sharjah Association, where he converted a heritage house into a music recording studio and it’s adjacent courtyard into an outdoor gathering space inspired by the traditional ‘Majlis’.

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5. It’s on tonight at The Music Hall 

And you can get tickets at redbull.com


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