9 Ultimate UAE Experiences You Should Try This National Day Weekend


Another long weekend is here and if you are one of those people who isn’t travelling, there is absolutely no reason why you still cannot pretend to be a tourist for a handful of days.

This just might be a great time to do all the touristy things that nobody who lives here has the time for

And Klook, a travel activities and booking platform, has PLENTY of discounts on some classic UAE tourist things for this long weekend.

Sure, its perfect if you are just visiting the city and want to try all the stuff you see on Instagram when travel bloggers visit Dubai but on a budget. But, UAE residents and citizens, there are no rules stopping you from playing tourist, you know?

Here are SEVEN classic UAE touristy things you can try this National Day weekend (for a very good price)

1. A desert safari and a classic BBQ dinner

If it’s good enough for literally every international celebrity that visits Dubai (plus all regular tourists), it’s good enough for you.

Book a full day desert safari and spend the day in a true Bedouin style – for a National Day discount.

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 5 53 16 Am

2. Show Sharjah some love

When was the last time you truly, like, deeply explored Sharjah? Book a half day tour that will immerse you in all of Sharjah’s museums, mosques, and history.

You know…for the ‘gram (and the culture of course).

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 5 52 52 Am

3. Dinner on a dhow

You don’t have to be a tourist to do the dinner-on-a-dhow-plus-cruise-around-the-creek stuff, you know? You really don’t.

It’s not an escape from the city but it’s just as good (and your wallet is going to thank youfor it).

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 5 58 46 Am

4. Cruise all the way to Oman

Yes, we are obsessed with cruises. No, it’s not a problem.

Think: A cruise with a buffet lunch plus lots of water activities (including snorkeling and a banana boat ride) till you cross the border into Oman. And, then, explore some of Oman’s natural caves, villages, and bays. And it’s pretty affordable.

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 6 04 47 Am

5. Some early morning dune bashing

If there is ever a reason to be a morning person…it is this.

Go for a four-hour desert dune bashing trip, take some really good pictures for the ‘gram, and get back to the city in time to still have the rest of the day to do something else (or just stay on the couch and watch Netflix – that works too).

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 6 13 22 Am

6. A hot air balloon trip over the desert

Yes, that is as touristy as it gets but its mad fun AND the pictures you will get to take are going to be goals. And, again, pretty affordable stuff.

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 6 26 04 Am

7. Go explore Al Ain

It’s got museums, hot springs, a camel market (we aren’t advising that you purchase one but there is no harm in, at least, looking…), forts, and all that good stuff. Absolutely underrated and 100% affordable.

Screen Shot 2018 11 28 At 6 31 19 Am

8. Dubai Garden Glow

Dreamy, colourful lighting, walk amidst the amazing garden glow activations, the dinosaurs and oversized flowers. Perfect for an evening out in this weather!

AED55 per person

9. Green Planet

See real live sloths, marmoset monkeys (CUTE) and other beautiful fauna and flora, with this inner-city wilderness escape.

AED80 per person

And that’s just some of it. Check out Klook to find other things to try, food to eat, and places to see in a very seamless way. They also have an app that’s won a couple of awards for how easy it makes finding and booking travel activities.

PLUS there’s a FAB National Day deal – with 12% off ALL Klook activities – so off you go!

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