A Man Has Been Missing At Sea Over The Past 72 Hours

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A Dubai resident, Ahmed Nasser Ashour has been missing for over 72 hours, according to the most recent communications with his family.

Ahmed had gone spearfishing in Fujairah on Saturday, October 29. The family is currently working with the Police who are using submarines and drones to continue the search

The Coast Guards have been searching for the past 4 days but there have not been any updates on the situation.

The family is currently appealing for help to professional divers and fishermen through various Facebook groups and Instagram

Ahmed went fishing with his Garmin diving watch, but the data was not synched to his phone. The GPS navigator on the watch was still working when he dived into the water.

The family is seeking help from anyone who may know how to track the watch.

The last reported coordinates of the boat located in the Gulf of Oman.

If you can offer assistance in any way or have any updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ahmed’s family

His father, Nasser Ashour’s number: +971 50 328 6307

**Lovin Dubai is currently in touch with a member from the family. Any further updates to the situation willl be posted here. 

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