You Can Get Up To 50% Off Traffic Fines In These Emirates

Aneesa Ahmed

Umm Al Quawain, Fujairah and Ajman have announced a discount on traffic fines this month

As the United Arab Emirates celebrates its 51 National Day, authorities announced 50% fines in Umm Al Quawain, Fujairah and Ajman.

UAE police commonly launch programs to reduce traffic fines in order to lessen financial difficulties for drivers.



For offenses committed in Ajman prior to November 11, there is a 50% discount on fines. The fines must be paid by drivers by January 6, 2023.

Serious traffic offenses will not be included in the discounts. This could include endangering lives or exceeding the 80km/h speed limit.


In Fujairah, drivers can reduce their traffic fines by 50% for a period of 60 days beginning on November 29. Black points will be removed as well.

The discount campaign will cover violations committed prior November 26. It will not cover serious violations.

Umm Al Quwain

For traffic violations committed in Umm Al Quwain before October 31, drivers will only have to pay the half.

The discount will be offered from December 1, 2022, to January 6, 2023. Serious traffic fines will not be covered.

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