The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Video Shot In Al Ain On Sunday


A cloud formation that appeared above Al Ain is causing major fuss online, ‘cos it looks JUST like what a UFO might look like in a sci-fi flick.

*Wipes sweaty brow…

But fear not! The footage, which was shared on Twitter and has since been viewed thousands of times, has been re-shared by National Geographic Arabia, who offered a brief explanation regarding the rare phenomenon.

Creepy as

Rest easy friends, the sky ISN’T falling in

The formation is called a ‘fallstreak hole’, it appeared over Al Ain and the eerie footage was shared by Ibrahim Al Jarwan of the Sharjah Planetarium.

The phenomenon occurs when droplets of water in clouds are below zero, but the water is not frozen because of the absence of ice.

16k people have viewed the footage captured in Al Ain on Sunday

People can relax now

So nope, definitely not a UFO


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