Get To Know The Man Who Helped An American Geologist Find Saudi’s First Oil Well


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Saudi Bedouin, Khamis bin Rimthan, is the local legend who helped an American petroleum geologist to find the Kingdom’s first oil well, then known as ‘Dammam No. 7. 

Everyone knew that Khamis knew Saudi like the back of his hand 

He was considered the guide of all guides, quoting The Jeddah Times. 

(Image Credit: Saudi Gazette)

Khamis used stars to find his way around the desert

AlBawaba says that he was an expern in navigating through the desert, and used stars to find his way and he knew where to find the best locations for oil.

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He was born in the 20th century in Jubail

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When he passed away, an oilfield was named after him in 1974 to recognise his efforts in helping discover oil 

What a legend, indeed.


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