Saudi Arabia’s Opened-Up E-Visas For Citizens Of 3 More Countries


Saudi Arabia is rolling out the welcome mat for travelers in a big way! The country has just added Barbados, the Bahamas, and Grenada to the list of countries that can get a visa super easily. That’s right, the e-visa club just got a bit more tropical, and now citizens from these sunny spots can snag a visa online or just head right in and get one on arrival.

That means 66 countries in total can now apply online or grab a visa when they land.

This is all part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to become a top tourist destination. Thee country wants people from all over the world the world to experience their culture and amazing sights. Plus, it’s a big boost for the economy. This will create a million new jobs in tourism and make it a major source of income for the country.

Getting a visa is a breeze. You can do it all online or get it when you arrive at the airport.

The visa itself lets you explore Saudi Arabia for all sorts of reasons—vacations, visiting family, attending events, or even religious pilgrimages (Umrah, not Hajj, though).

This is just the beginning, too. As Saudi Arabia’s tourism scene gets hotter, they plan on making it even easier for more countries to visit. So, if you’ve ever thought about cruising the deserts or checking out Saudi Arabia’s historic cities, now’s the perfect time to start planning your trip!


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