4 Of The Best Newsletters From The Gulf That You Need To Subscribe To


There’s an incredible start-up scene, an ambitious push towards renewables and there’s so much change happening here that it’s become hard to keep up. In the thick of it all, a bunch of newsletters may help you de-clutter what’s going and keep you informed.  If you’re still the OG types who like to get your news straight from your email, then our tried and tested list can help. Here they are in no particular order.


1. Stepfeed

Stepfeed used to be an online portal before transitioning into a daily newsletter. But unlike the website, the newsletter covers a lot of tech, crypto and renewables from all across the region. The best part is that while reading it you won’t feel bored one bit even when reading about complex IPO-related stuff.

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2. Gulfbiz Roundup

There’s a dearth of business regional focused newsletters and that’s where GulfBiz Roundup fills the gap by presenting a weekly recap of all things businessy told in a way that even non-business readers will enjoy. From which stocks to invest in (and, which to stay away from) and a host of other exciting updates taking place here, this is just the subscription all corporate types people need.

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3. The Middle East Today

Published by UAE-based newspaper “The National”, it’s almost like a mini-newspaper carrying all the latest updates from the region.  So you won’t have to open the newspaper in the morning, you’ll just have to read this and you’re good to go. It’s so brief that you might finish your morning coffee and the newsletter at the same time.

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4. Lovin Dubai

Dubai is like a 2nd home for most of us, so why not stay updated with the latest happenings in the city. Sent daily by the lovely team at our sister publication, the Lovin Dubai newsletter is super fun to read. From the best new restaurants in town to just all things incredible happening in Dubai – it’s an amazing roundup of it all.

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