5 Places That You Absolutely Can’t Miss On Your Next Visit To Sharqiya

5 Places That You Absolutely Can’t Miss On Your Next Visit To Sharqiya

For all the amount of dizzying attractions it has, Sharqiya has always remained away from the eyes of tourists. They’re not the types that scream for attention, the sights here are more subdued and hence require patience and effort to reach as they lie scattered all over this vast province. So if you find yourself in Sharqiya next time here are a few places that you absolutely shouldn’t be leaving the region without seeing.

1. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra)

Hands down the most popular attraction in Sharqiya nowadays, Ithra truly is a sight to behold. It’s currently hosting an energy exhibition that primarily shows the role of oil in energy production, which the region is inevitably tied to.

2. Alfelwah & Aljowharah Museum

Housed inside a sprawling villa, this museum that opened back in 2018 is one gem of a place for those looking to delve into the region’s history. The retro car exhibit here is particularly noteworthy.

3. Art Streets Of Al Khobar

The streets of an old neigbouhood in Al Khobar were given a major uplift when they became canvases for street artists from all over the country back in 2018. The end result – an entire neighbourhood that looks like it was made to slay the ‘gram.

4. Al Taybeen Museum

The private collection of Majid Al Ghamdi who’s been collecting collectibles since he was a child has made this one fine place to visit. The best part here are his collection of food products from the 70s and 80s – nostalgia level 1000!

5. Heritage Village

Heritage Village, which is located right beside Dammam’s serene corniche, is home to a restaurant serving traditional cuisine, a museum with a sizable collection that is worth the journey alone, and a market where you can buy all of your mementos.

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