5 Products That Shops In Saudi Have Got To STOP Selling ASAP


There are some products that are clearly designed for other places on the planet, but in this heavily globalized world, they’ve made their way to Saudi. Here are 5 products that shop owners have got to stop selling.

1. Winter Wear

Winter wear sold in places like Jeddah and Sharqiya makes absolutely no sense. But year after year, clothing retailers stock up on winter wear to sell on the pretext of “winter is coming.” Some people actually buy it. Wonder what they do with it, though.


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2. Fried Chicken (Unless It’s AlBaik)

For people in Saudi who’ve had AlBaik (the real thing), why do you think they’ll go for its clones that are pretty much selling at the same price point? You definitely have to share this piece with someone who loves an AlBaik clone.

3. Cerelac Ice Cream

You’re not alone if you’re like the majority of individuals who outgrew Cerelac a long time ago, but unexpectedly, some people have joined the viral Cerelac TikTok fad. A café in Jeddah has recently added the Cerelac ice cream to its menu and it did gather crazy attention. Going by the reviews, many are actually liking it.

4. Fairness Creams

They don’t belong here and never will. Even fairness products for men are still on the shelves of many supermarkets here. Whatever happened to “tall, dark and handsome”?

5. Shawarma Burger

So many restaurants that used to sell good ol’ shawarma wrapped in excellent khbuz or samoli wraps have started selling it in burger buns as well. They’re calling it the “Shawarma Burger” and are even topping it with ketchup and pickles. Thanks, but no, thanks.


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