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A New Update On The Tawakkalna App Will Tell You How Crowded The Two Holy Mosques Are

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The Tawakkalna app kept on adding features over the past year or so and it’s now become a pretty useful tool for us. From storing our digital IDs and health passports to allowing us to book vaccine appointments and umrah permits; it’s become a one-stop-shop for all our needs basically. Okay, not all, but a lot of them.

Since the app also allows for the booking of permits to pray in the Two Holy Mosques, the app will now tell you how crowded the mosques are on a given day. This was one feature we wanted all along, right?

This can help you plan accordingly and show you what probably the best time to visit is. And, this feature isn’t just available on the Tawakkalna app, it’s also available on Eatmarna too.

Keep an eye out for those days when it’s green.

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