A Pakistani Student Is Walking 5,400 Km To Makkah On Foot


With a rucksack on his back and an umbrella over his head, 25-year-old Pakistani student Usman Arshad has set out literally on a journey of a lifetime as he plans to go to Hajj on foot – that’s roughly 5,400 km from his hometown of Okara in Punjab.

His journey will take him through Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait before finally reaching Saudi Arabia.

Arshad expects his journey to take around eight months, so that means that he’s set a target to reach Makkah in May 2023.

So, if things go as planned, he will be well in time for the Hajj.

He’s already completed a tenth of his journey and is currently in Balochistan, as per his last Twitter update.

As expected, he’s receiving much love from the places that he crosses, as many are throwing the doors of their houses open for him to spend the night.


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