Australian Expat Shares Heartfelt Memories Of Living In Al Sharqiyah


Major nostalgia!

This Tiktok video gave us major nostalgia…

An Australian woman took to Tiktok to reminisce on her life 30 years ago in Sharqiyah and reflects on the changes that have happened since then…


@rommleigh Sad morning to see this , do you have good memories here #saudiarabia_tiktok #old #souk #whatshappening #sad #30yrslater ♬ original sound – Rommleigh

Great sentimental value

The lady mentioned that she had lived in Saudi Arabia for more than 30 years: “Good morning, Saudi Arabia. I am taking you with me today on a trip to the place I lived in for more than 30 years.”

She goes on to express the massive sentimental value this place has in her heart: “If you know this area, surely you will know what it means to people who live here and to its visitors”


Change is bittersweet

Despite appreciating that change is good, she expresses that its still bitter sweet as this place holds so many memories with her family and her children.

She shares a beautiful example by showing the gold store she bought her first piece of gold from, called “Eve’s jewelry”.


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