Game On! New Photos Show Jeddah’s Corniche Circuit Is Up And Ready


Photos from the construction site of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit do make it online every now and then, some of these raised questions on whether the track could be completed on time. But hey, new photos have shown that the track is ready. So yes, the race is on!

These photos should put an end to the speculation.

The progress that has been made since those photos dated to about a month ago went viral to now has been enormous.

It’s called the corniche circuit ‘cus it runs right by our beautiful corniche.

OMG! Is that a mini lagoon next to the circuit there?

This is probably the super luxurious paddock.

Fun Fact: It’s the ‘fastest street circuit’ on the Formula One calendar, with Formula One vehicles estimated to reach speeds of over 250 kilometers per hour.

See you on the 3rd of December then.

All images were shared initially on MSN.





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