Lucid’s EVs Are Spotted At A Car Rental Shop In Saudi But The Prices Will Make You Think Twice


Saudi Arabia just hit the clean energy jackpot! Lucid electric cars made their Saudi debut at Theeb Rent-A-Car, and it’s like a game-changer for the environment!

Imagine cruisin’ around in one of these electric wonders! Lucid just sent over 10 of these sleek rides to Theeb Rent-A-Car, and they’re up for grabs!

Photos of Lucid’s parked outside an outlet of Theeb went viral.

But the prices are steep. Theeb’s website currently lists Lucid’s grand touring 2023 model at a price of SR 3,500 per day and the Dream edition one at SR 4,500 per day.

It looks like you’ll have to shell out a lot to save the planet! Well, at least for now.


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