This Post By AlBaik’s CEO On His First Job At The Restaurant Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons


Back in the day, AlBaik used to be called “Broast Restaurants”, and you won’t believe the first job of AlBaik’s current CEO, Rami Abu Ghazalah, in it. This is probably the most inspiring thing you’ll see all day, so stay on.

Abu Ghazalah took to LinkedIn to share deets of his first job at the restaurant, and apparently some 40 years ago, Abu Ghazalah started off by cleaning toilets.

He was later promoted to frying fries at the place. And, of course, he still has his uniform from then!

The post is getting much love from all quarters, and it just shows how sometimes you have to start at the very bottom of the ladder to get to its top, and Abu Ghazalah is a living testimony to that.

He also shared an interesting tidbit of where AlBaik expects its execs to start their “AlBaik experience.”


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